High-quality dry cleaning at SOL: optimal clothing care

Utilizing renowned manufacturers’ equipment, top-quality agents, and innovative technology, our laundry experts efficiently cleanse even delicate fabrics of dirt.

Through the interaction of solvents and stain removal chemicals, we effectively remove fabric impurities and blemishes. Chemical cleaning is sometimes referred to as dry cleaning, stemming from the term “dry clean.” This often leads to the misconception that the cleaning process involves only dry methods. In reality, garments undergo a washing process during chemical cleaning, but instead of water, an organic solvent called perchloroethylene is used. The use of solvents prevents textile fibers from shrinking, wrinkling, or losing color.

This makes chemical cleaning particularly essential for garments made from diverse materials, such as coats, suits, and costumes. The unique aspect lies in placing dry clothing into the chemical cleaning machine, and retrieving it in the same dry state.

Be sure to use chemical cleaning only for items that come with the manufacturer’s appropriate warranty and guidelines. Optimal results are achieved when clients provide accurate information about the circumstances of stain formation.

SOL Laundry Facilities utilize state-of-the-art machinery adhering to environmental safety requirements. The entire service process and technology adhere to ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standards, utilizing eco-friendly equipment and cleaning agents.

SOL Laundry Facilities are located in Tallinn, Pärnu, and Tartu. In Tallinn’s city center on Maakri Street, a self-service laundry has consistently provided dry cleaning and laundry services for over 100 years. Our laundry facilities are part of the largest Nordic laundry chain, SOL Pesulapalvelut OY.

For corporate clients, we offer the convenience of garment transportation service, allowing our courier to pick up soiled clothes and deliver clean ones directly to the office.

Anyone can seek advice from our chemical cleaning service representatives through our website. Find us on Facebook under “SOL Pesumajad“. Our pricing is always 5% more affordable for loyal customers.

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